Autism Family Foundation & 
Autism Awareness Month & Day

For the Month of April, or until all limited edition buttons are sold out, I am hosting a drive to raise funds for the Autism Family Foundation in celebration of Autism Awareness Month & Day (April 2) 2021. Buttons are still available at this time with all profits going directly to AFF.

The Autism Family Foundation works to provide assistance and programs for families of autistic individuals in our local communities of Aurora & the Fox Valley. Because of COVID19, events and fundraisers for 2020 were suspended. So, the awesome mom and founder of the AFF, Wanda, used the resources to provide direct holiday assistance to 47 special needs families by delivering presents to their homes for 98 kids!

The LOVE Needs NO Words limited edition button is now available only on this site. Previous locations included those listed below.

Light & Pine Collective
Sensei's Scentries
Rustic Fox
Wyckwood House


Photography Services and Awareness Designs and Merchandise created and sold in support of our daughter with a dual diagnosis of Down Syndrome and Autism. We are dedicated to spreading awareness and acceptance for children of every ability, and providing photography access for all.

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