My Super Powers Foundation

For the Month of May, or until all limited edition decals are sold out (and only a few remain!), I am hosting a drive to raise funds for the My Super Powers Foundation in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month 2021. 

The My Super Powers Foundation was created to help meet the social emotional needs of children in underserved areas through classes, books, and events. “We are committed to building confidence and building inclusive communities."

"There is little that is more beautiful than a happy child. Through my company, Stacey M Design, for years it has been my mission to put smiles on the faces of kids by helping them understand that they are amazing just as they are. When I came up with the idea of the My Super Powers! Foundation, my goal was to help even more kids by giving them opportunities to contribute to the community and helping them own their power. I am thrilled about this journey."- Stacey Montgomery, founder and board member.

The OWN Power limited edition decal is available for May only at five physical locations and online here for $3 each. All of the profits from the sales of these pins will be donated directly to the My Super Powers Foundation.

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